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eFactory for iPad (November 24th, 2010)

Announcing eFactory HD for iPad. eFactory is a new kind of puzzle game that tests your planning, accuracy and patience. Assemble one of four kinds of circuit boards using a variety of chips that move past your workstation on a conveyor belt while supervisors track your progress against the clock. Visit the App Store to get eFactory now. Go to the eFactory page for more information.

IMpix for iPhone and iPod Touch (March 20th, 2009)

Announcing IMpix for your iPhone and iPod Touch. IMpix is a simple application built to add thought bubbles, captions and banners to your photos. Add one of many pre-built captions or custom create your own to add your thoughts to your photos, then email them to your friends. Visit the App Store to get IMpix now. Go to the IMpix product page for more information.

iPhone SotW - Free Music for your iPhone!

Now get free music on your iPhone®! Drive your iPhone to our iPhone SotW page and bookmark it for a free song each week using the iTunes® Music Store's free Single of the Week!

Free Music for your iPhone!

A Free Widget for Free Music - The SotW Widget!

Always forgetting to download the latest free "Single of the Week" from the iTunes Music Store? This is a free Dashboard Widget to get you to the iTunes Music Store's free weekly song. Just click the image on the widget and download the free song posted on iTunes every week! Click here for more information, or click on the widget snapshot to download now for free.

Apparatus Version 1.1 (Released Apr 29th, 2006)

Largemouth Software announces the immediate availability of Apparatus, the quick and easy way to launch applications, open files, drill down to deeply buried folders and open web shortcuts. Intel Mac and PowerPC Mac Compatible. Apparatus is ready for your new Intel iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook Pro!

Blog.Mac Template Editor Version 1.1.1 (Free!)

Unleash your creativity by using the free Blog.Mac Template Editor to customize your blog with easy editing and live previews.

Integrate Your iLife With Blog.Mac

Blog.Mac combines standard blogging technologies with the innovative Mac OS X platform to give you features not seen in other blogging solutions... even the big web-based blog hosts. Using Blog.Mac, you'll be able to show live updates of what you are playing on your iTunes, use your iSight as a live WebCam, publish your blog posts as an RSS feed, and archive your Blog in one, easy step.

Image of Blog.Mac turning your iLife into your blog

What can Largemouth Software products do for me?

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Blog.Mac - The Easy to use, customizable blogging application for your Mac! Start your own web site or create a blog with our easy to use Mac web site development software. Blog.Mac is a customizable software solution for Macintosh computers by Apple. How do you make money with blogs? Use Blog.Mac to create revenue-generating links on the fly to the iTunes Music Store using LinkShare account id tags built in to the links for your music. Links published with innovative features like our "iTunes Now Playing" feature updates your blog page with the song that you're listening to (including song artwork) on your blog. Blog.Mac will also upload webcam images to your blog and more. Upgrade your starter iWeb blog page to a Blog.Mac blog page that will allow you to publish using categories, custom HTML, fully customizable templates, and more!

Check out our sample blogs:

The Blog.Mac Tutorial Blog
See examples of Blog.Mac created blogs complete with YouTube videos, QuickTime Movie Previews, and revenue generating advertising. Upgrade to the power blogger's tool of choice, Blog.Mac! Easily customize your iWeb blog by using Blog.Mac to add advertising, custom code, rss news feeds, and more.

The Macintosh Blog
Sample blog focused on Apple software and hardware news. Music reviews and news, apple hardware news, reviews and rumors, just about anything to do with the Macintosh.

My Music Blog
Sample blog focused on music. Showing links to the Free iTunes Song of the Week, which will allow you to download a free song from iTunes every week. No committment, no long term plans. Just buy as many or as few songs a month as you want and they are yours to own. Burn them to a CD or move them to your iPod! Nothing like free music!

iLife Autopsy Blog
Learn how things are organized on your .Mac web space when you use the iLife suite of applications on your Macintosh. Learn how movies, pictures, and files can be shared with a single push of a button.

Charles M. Russell (CMR) High School Reunion
See how one of our customers used Blog.Mac to share information during the planning and after their high school reunion.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a .Mac account.
Learn why you should invest just $8 a month to get .Mac, the customized sharing solution for your Mac. Keep your friends, family and colleagues connected with a minimum amount of work. It's really worth it!

All About You Promotions and Events
A new company that we developed a web page for using some of our Blog.Mac components as a template.

iForgot Tutorial Blog
Want to learn how you can use your cell phone to control your Mac? This blog details how to try iForgot for free and find out easy it is to control your mac from another computer or a cellular phone. iForgot allows you to control your Mac when you are on the road, in the office or at home, with Exchange eMail, WebMail and more, no matter where your Mac is located. No need to worry about firewall security rules, trying to get remote desktop or VNC working through your corporate security systems, or opening your Mac up to external vulnerabilities. iForgot is the secure way to search for documents when you are not at the keyboard.